Ironclad Linear Leg Press

Ironclad Linear Leg Press

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Best Features on this Ironclad Leg Press:

This Snazzy Leg Press holds up to 1200lbs! 
It has 4 huge weight horns 
It has linear Bearings for smooth lift 
It has 1.5" thick solid bearing bars for unbreakable unbendable performance
It has a large, angled, shiny Sled Platform
It has huge thick, commercial vinyl pads 
The seat is very adjustable to accommodate different lifters.
The safety bars are extremely thick. 

64" Wide
89" Long
55.5" High

Weight Horns: (THERE ARE 4!)
13.5" Long each

2 Plate storage horns: 8" each

Seat Pad Dimensions: 
18.5" Wide
12.5" Long

Back Pad Dimensions:
23" at the widest part
18" at the narrowest part
30" Long

Foot Plate Dimsension: 
Lower portions: 26" Wide
12" tall
30" wide in the widest part

Upper Portion: 
30" wide 
9" Long
32" Wide at the top widest part

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