Shipping FAQ

Shipping FAQ
Thanks for buying from Used Gym Store. The majority of things that we sell are extremely heavy and
awkward. If you haven’t had something like this shipped to you before, you are sure to have questions
about the process, and below are some of the most common.

Q: How long will it take for my order to reach me?

A: We have most things shipped within a business day of receiving your order. After your piece leaves
our dock with the shipping company, it can be between 3-10 days to reach a freight terminal near you.
Once it reaches the freight terminal the shipping company will call you to set up a delivery time.

Q: How are things packaged for shipping?

A: Most items are mounted to a pallet in one piece and wrapped in a protective layer of cloth. Then the
cloth is wrapped in plastic. Some pieces are so large that they may need to be disassembled and
packaged in pieces.

Q: What do I do if a shipment gets damaged?

A: If a shipment arrives with damage, don’t let the driver leave and call us at (828) 851-0607, and we will
talk you through the best way to solve the problem. If it is outside our business hours, tell the driver that
you are refusing the shipment because of the damage, and contact us when we are back in the office.
Do not accept delivery of a damaged piece. There is very little we can do for you if you accept a
damaged piece.

Q: How do I get my piece off of the pallet?

A: This one has no easy answer. It is not an easy thing to move most of the things that we sell. Generally,
we use a combination of mover’s dolleys and hand trucks. Please do not try to move your piece alone,
injury or death could occur. Before ordering it’s a good idea to consider if you have the room and
resources move and set up these heavy pieces of equipment.

Q: Will my pieces fit through a single door?

A: Some of our pieces will fit though a standard door opening, but sadly most won’t. Please measure the
openings that your piece will have to go through before ordering.

Q: Will the shipping bring my piece inside and help set up?

A: No, the shipping on these pieces is “Curb side drop off” only. The driver will not assist you past
dropping the piece off, so please plan to have help lined up and ready.